Irish American Museum - Testimonials


"Ireland and America enjoy an enduring friendship. Irish immigrants and their descendants have made a huge contribution to the birth and growth of America. Theirs is a fascinating story, which will not be forgotten."

- Ambassador Michael Collins



"In war and in peace,on the frontier and in our cities, through tragedy and triumph, the Irish--Protestant and Catholic--have helped define what it means to be an American. Wherever you look, at whatever part of our history--political, economic, cultural, religious, educational--their contributions have been of vital importance. The Irish American Museum in Washington, D.C. will provide a unique opportunity to examine and explore the crucial part the Irish have played in the American experience. The Museum is an idea whose time has not only come but is long overdue.

- Peter Quinn


"The Irish American Museum has been a long time in coming.  There is so much that has been lost in our culture, it's time we took a stand.  As someone who travels the country and has been to most Irish-American enclaves, I can testify that the old ways are slipping away in an alarming manner.  Although I am seen as someone from the more progressive wing of Irish America, I have a great respect and grá for these ways and traditions.  Finally, we will have a place of our own where we can preserve our memories and keep them safe so that our children's children will get a chance to examine them and discover what people we were."

- Larry Kirwan Black 47